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Yard's manufacturing capacities
Annual figures

Number of vessels
under repair


Number of grabs
in production


thousand tons of metal products
being transshipped


thousand tons of bulk cargo
being transshipped


Activities of the company


Azov shiprepair yard is the only enterprise in the water area of the Sea of Azov, having dock with a capacity of 15 000 tons, which allows to dock the ships with length to 200 meters and breadth to 25 meters, approach channel of 8 meters, equipped berths


Sea transport has a number of advantages and one of them is that such carriage is effected to the regions, where due to the lack of infrastructure it is impossible (difficult) to deliver the goods by road or by rail.


Azov Shiprepair Yard (“SRZ”Ltd) started manufacturing of grabs for transferring of coal, ore in 1958, and since then is constantly widening the variety of produced grabs. The enterprise manufactures the commercia


Azov Shiprepair Yard has many years’ experience in building of self-propelled barges and lighters of “LASH” type, floating docks and berths, designed for mooring of vessels with water displacement up to 5000 tons, length up to 105m and e